It can be helpful to understand its definition, recognise when it is happening, and distinguish if it is positive or negative before taking any action. To stop negative peer pressure, we may practise different ways of saying no or limit our exposure to it, wherever possible. Lastly, seek help from someone you trust, a person of authority, or a professional therapist. Instead, spend time with individuals who respect your boundaries.

Effects of Peer Pressure

As such, in a group setting, the individual is often particularly susceptible to the influence of the group due to the latter’s strength in numbers. Conversely, in a one-to-one setting, the individual may not be as easily wavered as they are better able to stand their ground and act in accordance with their values. Yet, how to deal with peer pressure when we perceive that we are different from others, we sometimes feel that we are the misfit. This is especially salient for youths, as they explore their self-identity and seek a sense of belonging with their peers. When we feel that we do not fit in, we may consequently find ourselves avoiding social situations.

how to deal with peer pressure

The Tools and Methods for Leading Quality

Though peer pressure is not usually used to describe socially desirable behaviors, such as exercising or studying, peer pressure can have positive effects in some cases. Have you ever been pressured to have ”one more drink,” or stay out later than you said you’d be home? If so, you’ve been a victim of peer pressure—chances are, most of us have. Peer pressure is the process by which members of the same social group influence other members to do things that they may be resistant to, or might not otherwise choose to do. In-depth counselling can enhance poor self-image, communication skills, assertiveness training or early-stage addiction – all frequent factors in difficulty resisting peer pressure. Peer influence can show you there is support, encouragement, and community available to you.

You might be scared they won’t like you or want to be your friend anymore.

There’s no need to be impolite – but it can be more effective if you’re firm and stick to it. The first few times might be the hardest, but people will soon lose interest and move on. If you know encouragement from your partner, friend or colleague tends to be your weak spot, try talking to them before the situation arises again.

For instance, two friends might put positive pressure on each other to go to the gym together and stay accountable for their fitness goals. What starts out as positive peer pressure may become negative pressure if it leads a person to over-identify with sports, for example, putting exercise and competition above all else. Ultimately, there are various effective strategies for handling the peer pressure that most teens experience. Having self-confidence and conviction in your own decisions is key – being able to firmly yet politely refuse activities you are uncomfortable with.

how to deal with peer pressure

Different Ways To Avoid Peer Pressure

Ways to Resist & Handle Peer Pressure

How to Deal with Negative Peer Pressure

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